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Internet Mathematics — 2009

The 'Internet Mathematics' contest, started by Yandex in 2004/05, takes place this year for the third time. Previously, this event was held in 2006/07.

This time the format of the contest has been significantly changed, but its subject remained the same: information retrieval and real data for problem solving. This year's competition is targeted mainly at students, postgrads, programmers, and young researchers.

The problem to be solved within 'Internet Mathematics — 2009' is to obtain a document ranking function based on learning set (feature vectors of query-document pairs, provided with human relevance judgments). Winners will be awarded with money prizes.

Task definition, description of datasets and evaluation methodology can be found in Task and Datasets section.

Terms and Conditions describe formal regulation of the 'Internet Mathematics — 2009' contest.

Questions or suggestions about the contest are welcome at grant@yandex-team.ru.


07.07.2009:  We opened upload of the solutions again for the fun of it.
29.05.2009:  Final results are announced. Our congratulations to winners and thanks to all contestants for their participation.
14.05.2009:  Strict submission deadline is 00:00 am (Moscow time) May 16, 2009.
05.05.2009:  Internet Mathematics contestants are welcome to report on their methods, solutions, and results at a special section of the Young Scientists Conference in Information Retrieval. Submission deadline is May 20, 2009.
25.03.2009:  A forum for 'Internet Mathematics 2009' participants is open. However, the interface is in Russian. Feel free to send your requests to grant @ yandex-team.ru
11.03.2009:  New data set is available.
10.03.2009:  "Internet Mathematics 2009" contest is open.